Davita Healthcare Partners Helps Kids Go Back-to-School

One of the best ways to prepare kids for success? Send them off for the new school year with a backpack full of all the necessary supplies!

We met up with Davita Healthcare Partners once again for another round of charity team building. Seems they share our philosophy: you can never have too much team building! And of course there are endless opportunities for giving back.

Davita Health Care Partners Puts Kids First

This time, for giving back, Davita chose the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson. The workshop they chose was Mission: Kids Care and we met in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas.

Davita Healthcare Partners

The charity workshop event began like any other: with ice breakers. We prepared for them a mix of our classics: “Have you Ever?” and “Do What I Say”, for example.

In both cases, the warm-up exercises get the brain juices flowing so great things can take place!  We completed three ice breakers in all, so the Davita group was truly prepared to collaborate on the donation project.

60 Backpacks Got Filled!

By any measure, this event turned out to be “awesome”, in the words of the facilitator. All in all, the Davita group was able to prepare 60 back-to-school backpacks. Inside the packs, the kids receiving them would find all the necessary supplies for the new school year, which was just around the corner.

That meant upwards of 60 families got help they needed with the burden of financing the back-to-school season. Believe it or not, it’s expensive nowadays to walk through through those classroom doors!

Help That’s Greatly Appreciated by Families

Kids need pens, paper, notebooks, and more. In fact that’s just the beginning. There’s a seemingly endless list of supplies they need to start the new school year. And of course, families shoulder that burden.

For many, whose budgets are already stretched, August can actually be a stressful time of year because of these added expenses. That’s why we created Mission: Kids Care, so kids didn’t have to go back to school lacking the tools they needed to succeed.

The team from Davita Healthcare Partners was glad once again to help out community members from their Henderson neighborhood. We were glad to see them once again, back for some great work and another round of team building activity.

Thanks to M Resort for a fantastic venue, and we hope to see you all again next time for another round of charity team building!