Dallas Housing Boom Causes Distress for Poor: Charity Team Building Workshop Can Help

Dallas real estate agents are celebrating, so the last thing on their minds right now is a charity team building workshop.  What’s to celebrate?   High volume sales and tidy profits, as the booming housing market in our city continues to expand.

There’s a downside to the boom, however, and it concerns the poor in our city.  They’re being priced right out of their homes, as rental prices go up and up.  Low-income families are struggling, right at a time when they’re preparing kids to go back to school.  Parents know this is a tough time for budgeting, since school supplies cost a lot and many can’t even afford them.

Here’s what you and Magnovo can do to help.

Dallas Housing Boom Causes Distress for Poor: Charity Team Building Workshop Can HelpMagnovo offers a charity team building workshop that’s centered around giving to this population at this time of year.  It’s called Mission: Kids Care.  What takes place in this charity team building workshop happens on many levels.  Participants are led through a series of integrated activities designed to incrementally develop important team building skills such as communication, collaboration, big picture thinking, and recognition of diverse communication styles.

They’re also working together for a common cause: assembling back-to-school care packages for kids whose families can’t afford everything they need to start the new year at school.  It’s this common cause for the local community that’s so important to everyone involved…the participants, Magnovo facilitators, and of course the receiving charitable organization which helps disseminate the backpacks to deserving kids and their families.

Almost half the renters in Dallas live in rentals which are too expensive for them.

When families live on the brink of financial disaster, every bit helps.  Mission: Kids Care is a charity team building workshop that gets your team involved in the local community, so they can do their part to help out in Dallas.  This time of year, when back-to-school supplies are much needed, is the perfect time to consider this particular charity team building workshop.

We can customize your workshop to be anything you’d like, however.  Choose your own charitable organization, or even chose what goes into care packages.  During the holidays, for example, instead of schools supplies in a backpack, it’s holiday gifts for needy families.  Let your team come up with their own ideas and we’ll make it happen, even coordinating with the receiving charities for a donation ceremony to cap off the workshop.

We’re just glad we can help the citizens of Dallas who need it most.