CWT Meetings and Events Gets to Sit Back While Magnovo Does all the Planning

The hard-working folks at Minneapolis-based CWT Meetings & Events had the tables turned this winter.  For once they weren’t the ones doing all the planning!  Magnovo hosted a Rescue Buddies™ Charity Workshop for the global company, which called upon us to help them give back and build teamwork skills.

  1. CWT MeetingsHow can we help?

    Many companies come to us and their only objective is to give back in some way to the communities that surround them.  Since CWT Meetings & Events has their USA headquarters in Minneapolis, we were a natural choice.  We’re known in that town for producing excellent, fun and productive workshops that do much more than entertain…they contribute to positive change at every level!

    One of the more popular ways to give back is a Rescue Buddies™ workshop.  It combines giving back, teamwork, and team bonding all in one fun-packed session that ends with a surprise.

  2. The best part of Rescue Buddies™ sometimes happens at the end!

    We’ll tell you about CWT Meeting and Events’ workshop by starting at the end.  Their donations went to the Osseo Police Department, who does all sorts of community service work in addition to their regular policing duties.  For example, they operate a medicine drop box for the local community to drop off unwanted prescription medicine.

    We thought it would be great to support them with the donations from the workshop…the folks from CWT Meetings and Events agreed!

    At the end of Rescue Buddies™, we often get to meet a representative from the group who benefits from the donated items.  Sometimes that turns out to be the best part of the whole workshop!  Teams love it because they get to put a face on the donations’ recipient, even if it is just a representative.

    Even better is when that person shares a personal story of how the animals helped him or her on the job.  That really brings to light how workshop teams are helping real people in the community!

  3. And now the rest…

    This particular Rescue Buddies™ workshop started out with some ice breakers, as usual.  They included several fun activities to get the group warmed up before they dug into team building activities.  Then it was on to stuffing those toys and writing up those birth certificates that went with them.

    CWT Meetings and Events loved the chance to give back, and we loved that we could help!