Creating a Virtual Team Building Event

Creating a virtual team building event can solidify your company’s reputation as a socially responsible corporate neighbor and boost the morale of your staff as well. And in this current climate, both are sorely needed.

Pandemic Pandemonium

In addition to all of the suffering and deaths, the country is also reeling from record-breaking unemployment. Small business implosions. Pending Paycheck Protection applications. Unpaid bills and foreclosures and looming rental evictions. First-time visits to food banks. Reimagined graduation celebrations for students without hope of immediate employment. 

And bedlam in the marketplace is also wreaking havoc in homes across the country. Before the pandemic, parents rarely spent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their kids or their spouses. Social isolation, especially in close quarters, has frayed a lot of nerves. Many breadwinners lost their jobs and were forced to stay at home with nothing to do. And compounding this psychological shock many parents were compelled to master the role of homeschool teachers for their rambunctious kids. 

There has been far too much drama and trauma for a lot of people to handle. The result: an alarming increase in reported cases of domestic violence. Equally shocking is a report from the American Red Cross of an increase in house fires during the quarantine. 

According to a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health  Services Administration [SAMHSA], “Children are specifically vulnerable to abuse during COVID-19. Research shows that increased stress levels among parents is often a major predictor of physical abuse and neglect of children. Stressed parents may be more likely to respond to their children’s anxious behaviors or demands in aggressive or abusive ways. The support systems that many at-risk parents rely on, such as extended family, child care and schools, religious groups and other community organizations, are no longer available in many areas due to the stay-at-home orders.”

Creating a virtual team building event for healing

Fear can prey on the strongest among us. Imagine what it can do to a defenseless child. And imagine what it must do to the hearts of first responders? Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other healthcare providers—they are barraged every day under normal circumstances. They must be reeling under the psychological weight of this new surge of child abuse and the terrified faces of the victims. 

Now imagine you and your company bringing healing to both! By partnering with Magnovo to conduct a Rescue Buddies Charitable Team Building Workshop, you can offer an emotional lifeline to first responders and the children they help to rescue.

Rescue Buddies are stuffed animals—bears, birds, mooses, porpoises, turtles, and fishies—that give a terrified child something to cling to when they need it most.

First responders keep a batch of Rescue Buddies handy in squad cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. At house fires, domestic violence incidents, car crashes, and other tragedies, the Rescue Buddies are placed in the welcoming arms of young victims.

Creating a virtual team building event for unity

You and your team will actually assemble each cuddly fur baby during a virtual workshop that will make you feel like you’re together again. Together for a great cause. Together to encourage each other and build stronger relationships. No question: nothing solidifies the sense of togetherness like helping a child!

Creating a virtual team building event for charity

You don’t have to leave your home to leave a lasting legacy of kindness, heal suffering hearts, and make a huge impact on your neighborhood. That’s what genuine corporate social responsibility is all about.