The Corrpro Sales Staff Goes All Out for Children in Tulsa, OK

It was a sweltering, 100-degree day when 20 members of the Corrpro Senior Sales Staff flew into Tulsa, OK for their Magnovo Charity Workshop, but the miserable heat did nothing to deter every last one of them from giving their all to learn teamwork skills and help local children once the event got underway. Of course, the high powered Holiday Inn air conditioners didn’t exactly hurt the cause either, but it was still inspiring and impressive to watch as a group of such experienced professionals opened their hearts and minds to accomplish a set of shared company goals.

CorrproTwo Workshops in One for The Corrpro Team

This was actually two different workshops merged into one event, with all of the finished products going to the Parent Child Center of Tulsa. The attempt to execute both workshops simultaneously was a sign of both Corrpro’s dedication to a cause and their willingness to learn on the fly.

This group was comprised of the Coorpro Senior Sales Staff, a team of dedicated and experienced pros who came into the workshop well prepared and ready to get to work. As a result of this willingness to work and learn, we had an easy time getting things started with warm-up activities like Flip the Cup, Dice Game, and a spirited round of Octopus Pyramid. The Corrpro team’s performance during this instructive games was so efficient that it was obvious that they knew what many groups don’t– that these activities are specifically designed to build unity, teamwork skills, and communication.

Working to Benefit the Parent Child Center of Tulsa Was Extra Incentive

One of the ways that our Charity Workshops build teamwork skills is by showing individual members how the work they do every day affects others. The result of this expanded vision is a wide-angle or big picture view, a perspective that allows team members to confer added value to their daily tasks. They are then able to take this new vision back to the office, where it’s transformed into better morale and increased productivity.

We saw exactly this transformation happening as the Corrpro team progressed from the parts earning phase into the bicycle and backpack assembly stages. The end result of this double dip was an everybody wins situation, with both Corrpro and the Parent Child Center of Tulsa coming out better off than they were when the workshop started.