Full STEM Ahead

How can robots teach my team to thrive? fullstemsmall

As your company grows, your team should too. And not just in numbers. Full STEM Ahead will take your team to the next level with action-packed fun. Your team will get to build, code, and control their very own Ozobot. Full STEM Ahead combines communication, collaboration, and execution to make your next team building event one for the books!

It’s more than growth; it’s generosity.

Full STEM Ahead is a charitable team building workshop that gives back to kids in your community. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is one of the most popular and effective learning trends today, with programming and robotics being two of the fastest rising activities in schools, clubs, and homes. Using Ozobots, kids engage the physical and digital world to gain interactive programming skills.

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That’s where you come in! Your team will be separated into teams, competing against each other, learning to code and design race courses, which we call Full STEM Ahead.  Your team will donate robots for kids while diving into interactive fun.newstemsideb

Your team will grow…

  • The power of collaboration
  • The potential for unity around a common goal
  • The possibility that’s unlocked through clear communication

Your team will give…

  • The power of accessibility
  • The potential for learning
  • The possibility of a new future

Length: 2 hours

Donation: Ozobot Evo

Combo: Leadership Training