Company Bonding Activities That Inspire Millennials


The holidays may be just the window of opportunity you’ve been looking for to launch some company bonding activities that will bridge the gap between you and your disengaged Millennial staff members.

Team building isn’t a major problem with Millennials. In fact teamwork and technology are as organic to them as, well, organic gardening: natural, healthy, and productive. Their problem is feeling disengaged from what they may perceive to be the “busy work” part of their jobs.

Company bonding activitiesMillennials are motivated by the notion that what they do should matter beyond the confines of the office. They expect their work to engage or connect with the world outside the boardroom. The company bonding activities that matter most to them are ones shaped and even driven by the spirit of altruism. For them, being a “do-gooder” is actually a good thing! But they prefer to call it “corporate social responsibility.”

Ironically, their Baby Boomer parents helped to instill this sense of noblesse oblige in them. These parents have reason to be proud of themselves and their adult children. Yet, here you are with an awkward mix of Baby Boomers and Millennials in your shop; and the only “engagements” you may be experiencing are relational conflicts and transgenerational confrontations.

During the upcoming holidays, you and your fellow managers may be able to bridge this generational gap through some company bonding activities that will provide a medium upon which to build some solid transgenerational relationships.

Our charitable team building workshops are skillfully customized to fit the philanthropic sentiments of the participants and the needs of the recipients. Baby Boomers and Millennials may disagree on the efficacy of military involvement overseas, but both may embrace the opportunity to deliver some holiday cheer to a soldier serving overseas.

Our Mission Military Care workshops are a golden opportunity for coworkers of all ages to join forces and express their appreciation for our armed forces. In partnership with Operation Gratitude, Operation Shoebox, or the Wounded Warrior Project you can collect an assortment of items to donate: non-perishable food items including candy bars, cookies, chips, and other snacks; gloves and scarves for colder outposts; books and magazines; even luxuries, such as perfumes and colognes, to pamper them and boost their spirits. Heartfelt greeting cards can spread holiday cheer across the sea and make home feel a little closer.

Items for donation are won or acquired during a series of contests which will test and sharpen skills like communication and teamwork among team members.  Charitable team building workshops like this are the best company bonding activities of all, because they  foster professional growth and personal development–all while amassing gifts of love and support for the men and women serving overseas