Company Bonding Activities Tailored Made For Millennials


For Millennials, the most productive company bonding activities should be designed to shore up their people skills. It’s no secret that Millennials are technological whiz kids;  but with their heads in The Cloud, and their eyes riveted to their smartphone screens, they rarely look up long enough to develop solid  face-to-face, interpersonal soft skills.

Company bonding activitiesThe good news is that they’re usually eager to connect and collaborate with their colleagues. Well planned corporate bonding activities can facilitate both, and teach them how to go about it without involving digital gadgetry.

Millennials’ core values are often idealistic–and for many of us old codgers, they may seem completely unrealistic. Nevertheless, these young dreamers like backing up those high ideals with positive action! Charitable team building workshops are tailor made for them, because they combine corporate social responsibility with teamwork and community outreach. That’s a triple threat guaranteed to win over every Millennial on your staff.

Politically, they may have anti-war sentiments, but they’ll eagerly embrace the opportunity to help soldiers overseas–many of whom are their age. During one of our Mission: Military Care Charitable Team Building Workshops, coworkers will join forces to collect non-perishable snack items, toiletries, warm outerwear, books, and other creature comforts to ship to homesick members of the armed forces who need to know how much they’re appreciated.

Since many of these rising stars haven’t been out of the classroom very long themselves, they’ll no doubt empathize with the plight of needy but deserving students who don’t have sufficient funds for school supplies. Pens, binders, flash drives, notebooks, calculators, and backpacks–our Mission: Kids Care Charitable Team Building Workshops are a bonanza of blessings for children returning to school after the holidays.

They can build a bicycle during one of our Bike-a-thon Bicycle Team Building Workshops. During our Wagon Builders Team Building Workshop they can enjoy assembling a bright red wagon and stuffing it full of toys. At our WheelCharity Wheelchair Team Building Workshop colleagues assemble and decorate a wheelchair for a handicapped member of the community.  Whether it’s bikes, wheelchairs, or wagons–the most important things they will build are relationships.

Company bonding activities like our charitable team building workshops can generate goodwill in the community and among coworkers. They are rallying points that create common ground for people who may have very little in common otherwise. Among Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials who work for the same company, these charitable events can bridge generation gaps, and modify some of the differences that make people feel so distant and isolated from each other.