Community Service Team Building for Kids’ Sake

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Comedian Robin Williams once said: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”

And what a party! A riot of glorious color bursting from every tree. A symphony of birdsongs whirling through the air.

Bluer skies. Brighter sunshine. Warmer weather. Longer days. More fresh air. You could get an endorphin rush just thinking about it!

The only thing better than spring fever is the fervor of community service team building. And the most rewarding community service is the kind that helps kids in need.

Strengthening our youth through community service team building

For millions of children, spring fever means one thing: sports! Baseball. Tee ball. Softball. Soccer. Track and field. Lacrosse. Volleyball. It’s full tilt game on!

But for thousands of kids, the costs of youth league sports are too high. Youth league sports—fees, gear, travel, lodging, food, uniforms, and protective accessories—is a $17 billion industry.

That translates to about 60 percent of American families spending between $1,200 and $6,000 per child every year. And families with deep pockets shell out as much as $12,000—again, that’s for each child each year!

Among low-income youth, there’s been a steady decline in youth league participation because it’s just too expensive for their families.  This is especially tragic for these kids because their fast food diets and sedentary lifestyles can lead to chronic, debilitating health problems.

Magnovo’s Mission: Sports Care Charitable Workshop puts financially challenged children back in the game and companies like yours into the good graces of your community.

During our workshop, your staff will improve your team building skills through our training sessions. And at the same time, you’ll level the playing field for a lot of low-income kids.

Most kids aren’t as geeked about winning as their parents. They just want to have fun with their friends. You and your colleagues can help make that happen. During a few friendly but competitive team building activities, you’ll amass a stash of gear to donate to a local charity that serves needy kids.

Think helmets, jerseys, referee whistles, knee pads, soccer balls, baseballs, volleyballs, foam balls, frisbees, jump ropes, hula hoops, playground balls, and more! This equates to hundreds of dollars you’ll invest in the health and happiness of children in your area.

Community service team building: the gift that keeps on giving

Youth sports is a childhood experience with long term benefits. When the environment is safe and the competition is friendly, youth sports can enrich a child’s social skills.  

Through sports participation, kids learn how to follow directions and submit to the authority of their coaches. They are trained to collaborate, communicate, and put their teammates first. This is leadership development at its best because they’re being groomed for success at an early age.

And then there’s their physical health and the alarming matter of childhood obesity in this country. Among children 6 to 11, more than 18 percent are overweight.  And more than 20 percent of those 12 to 19 are obese. These statistics are staggering. Team sports help kids lose weight safely. Sports activity also lowers their risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer or diabetes.

Community service team building that tracks kids for success

Children consistently involved in youth sports grow up healthier physically, socially, and emotionally. They’re less likely to smoke, use drugs, or drop out of school. They are also more likely to avoid teen pregnancy, a criminal record, and a prison sentence.

Your Mission: Sports Care donations can set children on the road to solid citizenship:  college enrollment, gainful employment, and career success. And your generosity will be greatly rewarded because good works generate goodwill.