Christmas Team Building: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

After this year’s Christmas team building activities it would be great to receive this kind of feedback from your teammates: When you hold out a new stuffed animal to a child in crisis, it immediately builds a bridge of friendship and trust.

Few things can help your crew reboot for the upcoming New Year than a healthy dose of generosity to someone in your own community who needs and deserves your support. Our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop is a delightful way to build bridges of goodwill in your area and build more solid relationships with your colleagues; and all while building a stuffed bear for some needy child to cuddle.

Christmas-Team-Building-OrnamentYou’ll assemble both your team and your bear in a welcoming environment which is skillfully setup to optimize the use of your time, as well as to maximize the fun and camaraderie. Your masterpiece will don its own “birth certificate” before being gently cradled in a brightly colored backpack.

Building your bear will be a tactile tactic designed to bring you and your colleagues closer together physically, socially, and emotionally. Each of you will also build your interpersonal skills and bond in ways that the office can inhibit. Fortunately, there’s no way anyone can be inhibited while building an adorable stuffed bear. No way!

Police officers, firefighters, emergency service providers, and other first responders will partner with you to guarantee that your little treasure will reach the eager arms of a child who’s hungry for such a comforting toy.

Can you envision their wide eyes and broad smiles? Can you imagine a better way to celebrate the holiday season? Can you imagine making a more significant difference in a child’s life than this? Granted, you may never actually meet, but your hearts will be knit together forever in a very special way.

Rescue-BuddiesToday some 16 million children live in poverty in America. That’s nearly a quarter of all the boys and girls in the most affluent country on earth. No one person can fix this, but each one of us can do one small thing to help solve this very big problem. Simple gestures can reap huge returns.

You can become a small but important part of the solution by providing a priceless keepsake and a lasting memory. And in return, you and your professional colleagues will have forged new personal bonds, strengthened your working relationship, and created a lasting legacy.