Charitable Teambuilding with Net Health


For Net Health, our recent charitable teambuilding event was an opportunity to demonstrate their genuine concern for the children of Pittsburgh.

Of course, caring for people is Net Health’s business. They develop software solutions to strengthen patient care, optimize data accuracy, and improve the overall performance of hospitals and medical personnel.

Net Health is one of the fasted growing companies in the country. And it has been voted one of the best places to work in the state of Pennsylvania.

Occupational therapy. Physical therapy. Workplace medicine. Employee health. Speech and language therapy. Wound care. They have become an industry leader by interfacing with healthcare professionals in 98 percent of the hospital chains in America.

Their technological innovations are redefining the experiences and environments of caregivers and their patients across the country. No doubt this is how they earned the reputation of being experts in “The Art of the Right Fit.”

Charitable teambuilding as a tradition

That brand certainly fit during our charitable teambuilding workshop. It was the right fit for their corporate team and for the community they serve.

That’s because the workshop they chose was our Rescue Buddies Charitable Teambuilding Workshop. We developed this workshop to help local rescuers rescue kids in distress. Police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel carry these stuffed animals everywhere. In the aftermath of a fire, medical emergency, or a case of domestic violence, the toys are a form of life support for frightened children.

The 50 Net Health interns divided into 8 groups and “earned” the elements they’d need to build each of their Rescue Buddies. Little by little, they took shape–fish, mooses, bears, birds, pigs–stuffed with love.

The 8 groups began to function as teams. And little by little, each intern improved their collaborative and communications skills. 

And because community care is a tradition at Net Health, they began to embrace the corporate culture for which they were being trained.

The impact of charitable teambuilding

Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of leading the country in fire-related deaths. These deaths are caused primarily because homes so often lack working fire alarms. So the Bureau of Fire Headquarters in Pittsburgh was a logical choice to receive our Rescue Buddies.

Children all over the city would get their own cuddle bug at Fire Safety and Prevention classes. First stop: kids in area shelters. They and their moms learned how to plan safe escape routes and how to test fire alarms.

Learning how to stop-drop-and-roll in the event of a fire and other life-saving techniques may one day save their lives. And the Rescue Buddies will be reminders of what they learned.