Charitable Team Event Ideas for Kids’ Sake

Want to make a difference in a kid’s life? Well consider this: enlightened, unselfish team event ideas can brighten the lives of children in your hometown, strengthen relationships among your employees, and boost the morale of givers and receivers all at the same time.

Food for thought

Even if your neighbors don’t live in a “food desert,” with no access to grocery stores, they may still be struggling to put food on the table. That’s because the current economic recession is straining the purse strings of millions of families across the country.

Of course, if you survey wealthy stakeholders, you may find that there’s no consensus about the severity of the recession—some don’t believe that there is one! And maybe that’s true—at least, for them. But for middle and lower income families the recession is a harsh reality. For millions of Americans it’s a daily struggle to make ends meet and “pinching pennies” is a matter of survival.

For example, in July 2022, CNN.COM reported that families in Riverdale, California pay $7.99 for a dozen eggs; and avocados cost $2.99 each. Riverside is located in a region called the Inland Empire where the annual inflation rate hit 9 percent in May. That’s one of the highest inflation rates in the country.

Pandemic pandemonium and…

Among its many calamitous consequences, the COVID crisis triggered major concerns about contracting the disease, resulting in make-shift homeschooling arrangements and remote work assignments. And thousands of families, looking to escape the sudden danger of urban congestion, stampeded out of big cities into smaller communities.

….the domino effect

That glut of newcomers forced small municipalities to absorb the unexpected additional demands for goods and services. For newbies and natives alike, life became a daily struggle to adjust to a “new normal” that spiraled out of control and redefined itself every week.

The economy was not exempt from the chaos, hence the inflation and recession we’re facing now.  And supply chain bottlenecks have forced some stores to tighten their belts on discounts, charitable donations, and other forms of community support. So some families must resort to garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, and dollar stores—not on a lark or out of curiosity, but to subsist!

Team event ideas can stem the tide

While you and your staff are settling into this “new normal,” you might consider adopting a few team event ideas that will not only help your company, but come to the aid of neighbors in crisis-mode.

Right now, kids in your city are eagerly returning to school. Unfortunately many of their parents don’t share their enthusiasm. Instead they’re frantically searching for school supplies at basement bargain prices—and the pickings are pretty slim. Pre-inflation prices for school gear weren’t exactly cheap; now they’re astronomical. Or at least they are for some middle and low-income families. reports: “According to data from the National Retail Federation, back-to-school costs are expected to exceed $860 per household this year, up from $840 in 2021 and $789 in 2020…“Families consider back-to-school and college items as an essential category, and they are taking whatever steps they can, including cutting back on discretionary spending, shopping sales and buying store- or off-brand items, in order to purchase what they need for the upcoming school year,” NRF president and CEO Matthew Shay wrote in a statement.”

Pens, pencils, pencil cases, sharpeners, erasers, paper, notebooks, gluesticks, highlighters, and scissors were staples on “old school” supply lists and they’re pricier ever. But in addition, parents now have to buy specialized binders, math sets, scientific calculators, and earbuds. And, of course, masks are still required in some communities. Along with the cost of school uniforms and sports gear, this “back to school” season may be a bleak one.

Having basic supplies and tools can impact a student’s academic achievements.

Providing what they need prepares them to succeed. It can set them on a winning path personally, academically, and professionally. A backpack full of school supplies can bolster their self-esteem and confidence, and strengthen their sense of security. The  results:  improved performance and fewer behavioral issues.

With team event ideas like Magnovo’s Mission: Kids Care, your company can bridge the gap between their parents’ empty coffers and the fulfillment of their childrens’ big dreams.

Mission: Kids Care is a phenomenal opportunity for your company to:

  • Make a major investment in the education of children in your community;
  • Provide tangible evidence of your commitment to the mandate for corporate social responsibility; and
  • Give kids someone to look up to right in their own hometown.

And while you’re becoming a new hometown hero, you’ll also give your employees a chance to put their time and energy where their hearts are: families like their own who need help.

Your staff will break up into small groups and engage in friendly competitions and other activities designed to improve interoffice relationships. And in the process you’ll prepare and donate backpacks stuffed with school supplies to donate to local students. Charitable workshops like this are among the best team event ideas in corporate America.