Carroll Management Group’s WheelCharity Event in Atlanta Helps the MDA

Carroll Management Group is dedicated to investment and portfolio management in the South and Southeast. Projects include several multi-family apartment communities and similar living spaces. The Atlanta-based company has recently experienced a period of strong growth and heavy activity. They invited us to return for another team building program. Our intention was to help them recharge and regroup in anticipation of continued fast-paced workloads.

Carroll Management GroupCarroll Management Group Has a Beautiful Day in Atlanta, GA

We met with participants at the well-known SunTrust Park Konica Minolta Conference Center in Atlanta. Our goals for the day were to improve folks’ problem-solving skills while helping the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Our facilitator expected 100 people but 150 attended! Everyone was excited and eager to get started.

Building Teams, and Wheelchairs for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

We opened with several easy, ice breaker games to get folks in the mood and see the dynamic of the room in action. Carroll Management Group’s participants worked hard. They were friendly, engaged, and committed to the project

We divided groups into teams as we prepared for our WheelCharity™ program. The facilitator gave each team only some of the parts needed to assemble a wheelchair. Teams then joined in the friendly competition to win the remaining parts. It’s a great opportunity for folks to practice solving problems by identifying and utilizing each team member’s strengths.

Carroll Management Group folks completed dozens of wheelchairs for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). While we waited for Hillary Bauer, the MDA rep, to arrive, we hosted wheelchair races. Program participants had a real eye-opening experience to see first-hand the kind of challenges faced by folks with mobility issues every day. When Ms. Bauer addressed the group to talk about the people facing neuromuscular diseases, she remarked on how many people these wheelchairs would help. The room grew silent then; it was clear that the experience really touched people.

Benefits of WheelCharity™ Reach Beyond Carroll Management Group

As the members of the Carroll Management Group packed up for the day, we heard again and again how meaningful the WheelCharity™ experience was. Everyone got the chance to feel like part of a team, they worked hard to help people who really needed it.

Employees of Carroll Management Group returned to the office ready to assist their clients and investors. They renewed their dedication to teamwork and collaboration. The experiences they had in Atlanta that day reinforced the value of each member of the team and demonstrated in a tangible way just how much good can come of it when people work together toward a common goal.