Campfire Leadership Lights the Way

night 1245875 1280A torch is a source of illumination. As it pierces the darkness, you can move forward; but the torch itself remains in the shadows. So, too, are those described as Torch Light Leaders. They shine enough light to keep everyone on track, but shy away from being in the spotlight themselves.

Magnovo CEO Rob Jackson wrote an amazing book entitled Campfire Leadership Effective Leadership From A Personality Perspective. Jackson had this to say about Torch Light Leaders: “I always felt sorry for these kinds of leaders because they never really seemed to want to be in charge. They were just too nice to say no when they had the position appointed to them. It’s hard to follow these leaders. They are very likable, but don’t seem to have a clear direction or passion for leadership.”

Campfire Leadership training can light the way to a more dynamic managerial style. It can identify a manager’s strengths and weaknesses without their feeling threatened or attacked.

That’s because Campfire Leadership training embraces the whole person. And acceptance of a manager just as they are can help them relax and accept constructive and caring advice to make them better at what they do.

For example a Torch Light Leader may be excellent at forecasting short term goals for a small project. As Jackson might put it: “They like the comfort of amiability in one-on-one situations.” And they seek problem solving scenarios that maintain a non-confrontational tone.

But when it comes to taking the long view, the Torch Light Leader is often in the dark. In a crunch, they have difficulty navigating through the personal confrontations required to make a production quota. They often melt in the heat of battle, which characterizes most competition in the American marketplace.

Fortunately, with training in Campfire Leadership methods, they will begin to see themselves in a new light. They will develop skills and techniques to shore up weaknesses and bolster strengths that make them fearless in any situation and more effective than ever!

Campfire Leadership workshops explore 4 leadership styles:

Lighthouse, Spotlight, Torch Light, and Disco. These workshops can open the door to a whole new level of professional and personal development and transform any manager into a Campfire Leader.