Building Trust through Personality Types and Work

Building Trust Through Personality Types and Work

Strong work teams are productive work teams. Building your team’s effectiveness by designing a custom-built workshop to understand DiSC personality types and work is a great way to address barriers to interpersonal team connections. Recently a client contacted us to discuss designing a workshop specifically tailored for their team.


Building Trust through Personality Types and WorkMisunderstandings and ineffective communication are common barriers to effectively building a strong team, which is what this client has been experiencing. When people don’t understand who they work with or what makes another employee effective, productivity and morale suffer. Guiding your team through a workshop that focuses on DiSC Personality Types and Work will address common interpersonal barriers that can stagnate corporations.

DiSC Personality Types are defined in four categories: Dominant, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious. From there, each personality has a natural style and adapted style of interactions. The natural style explains a person’s internal motivations. Actions and behaviors explain the adapted style of one’s personality. Teaching employees how to read another personality type and helping them understand the strengths of others, will make it easier for employees to read non-verbal communication cues, demonstrate respect, form internal and external alliances and set appropriate boundaries. Over time, this extended understanding of personality types and work will strengthen the your team.

A strong and effective work environment protects the physical and mental health of employees while pursuing business excellence. Personality types and work impact the people, culture and context of any work environment. These interactions often seep into a person’s personal life, thereby impacting their physical and mental health.

If your organization wants to support the personal and professional development of its employees, a workshop on personality types and work would be a great way to teach people how to utilize each other’s strengths. Not only will it reduce the likelihood of conflict, but in the end, it will promote a strong environment for business success.