Build a Stronger Team with Holiday Team Building Activities

Three elements of holiday team building activities to build into your next meeting

Groups of employees who work together can be transformed into powerful corporate teams by understanding communication, enhancing creativity and getting to know each other better. Incorporate some of these elements of holiday team building activities into your next meeting to start building a stronger team at the office.

Build a Stronger Team with Holiday Team Building ActivitiesDiscover one another

A team is not actually a team if those involved do not know each other. Too many times, people who work in the same office know little or nothing about those working next to them, or they operate in distinct silos.

Encourage holiday team building activities that stimulate team members to get to know each other as human beings, not just by departments or titles. People are more likely to take calculated risks or ask for help in an environment where they feel supported, and that comes from connecting with others.

Stimulate creativity

Sometimes in the workplace we need to look for opportunities that aren’t obvious, whether it’s a solution to a problem or dealing with limited resources. With holiday team building activities, team members can be presented with challenges that stimulate their creativity when they work as a group.

When a team widens the circle of who is included, it increases the likelihood of finding an effective solution. Sometimes there are guidelines not everybody knows about. This is also related to how well they communicated during the task.

Define communication

What does “good communication” sound like or look like? Even in the lighthearted environment of holiday team building activities, there is still an opportunity for learning. Learning masked in fun. Listening is an important piece of the communication formula. With the right activities, a leader can gain insight into the way people listen to each other within a team. Instead of listening for who agrees, listen for what’s different. Maybe that’s where the solution to the challenge is.

Holiday team building activities can be a lot of fun, and they can also be more than just parties where people are sharing a drink and a snack. Do things differently this holiday season, and make the most of your get-together by promoting some of the ingredients that make a team great: communication, creativity, and connections. With the right activities your team can walk away with some meaningful insights and look forward to beginning the new year with a fresh start.