Brinks Helps Veterans Feel More Secure through Wheel Charity Program

Two Diverse Departments, One Goal

Two departments from Brinks got together for their annual meeting. It gave senior leadership a chance to work together in a way that they don’t ordinarily get to. After all, the technology department and the operations department don’t have a lot of overlap in their day-to-day workplace responsibilities and activities. The company also wanted a chance to give back, and that’s where Magnovo came in with our Wheel Charity™ workshop to benefit HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation.

brinksEveryone Pitches In While in Fort Worth

There were about 60 people at the Marriott Champion Circle in Fort Worth, TX, that morning. People were really enthusiastic and competitive before we even began the Wheel Charity™ event! We quickly divided everyone into groups. We made it a point to ensure that groups were evenly balanced between the two departments.

In our introductory remarks, we emphasized the key elements of our charity team building workshop. Our goals were to help members of these two departments strengthen channels of communication. Our methods included sharing tips and strategies they could practice here and then take back to the office.

To that end, we gave each team an incomplete set of wheelchair parts. The games and activities that followed were designed to give folks a chance to practice better communication skills. Winning teams earned their missing wheelchair parts. Once all the teams had a full set of pieces, they commenced assembling wheelchairs.

After all of the wheelchairs were complete, teams ran a special obstacle course. In addition to “field testing” each wheelchair, it gave folks an opportunity to really understand the daily challenges faced by people reliant on wheelchairs for mobility.

Working for the benefit of HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation

When Dana Bowman of the HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation arrived, she was clearly excited to see how hard everyone worked. HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation serves American veterans wounded in service. Dana Bowman said the organization already had several veterans eagerly waiting for these wheelchairs.

Teams made their contributions even more meaningful by writing notes of thanks and encouragement to accompany each wheelchair. And Brinks took their outreach efforts a step further. They made arrangements to work with HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation to continue raising awareness and donations, even after the workshop was over.