Blueprint Automation Builds Far More Than Team Skills During Charity Workshop

Blueprint Automation is about to celebrate its 30th year in business in the US, but they know giving back is something to celebrate any day of the year. That’s why when they came to us for some team building advice, we suggested a charity team building workshop.

Blueprint AutomationWhy charity team building? Because groups can work on important skills that make for better teams, of course. But their goal for showing up and what keeps them motivated throughout the event is the charity aspect. Giving back is a number one way to accomplish several important things at work:

  1. keep employees engaged in what they’re doing
  2. foster trust and loyalty in a company
  3. help everyone feel that they’re part of something bigger than their individual jobs

Blueprint went with our suggestion and booked a charity team building workshop that benefited Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN).

Teamwork Got Them Through the Workshop Challenges

Our workshop with Blueprint started with a full session of ice breakers. Once they’d worked their magic, it was on to more challenging activities that called for participants to communicate better, collaborate, and use the creative sides of their brains to jump through the fun hurdles we’d placed before them.

Of course as always, teamwork was the key to making it through all these activities. That’s half the point, anyway! Our other focus was on assembling toy donations for the kids at SCAN.

Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) in Richmond, VA

In their mission statement, SCAN states that their goal is to prevent and treat child abuse. One of the ways they do this is to foster a community that values children and which collectively looks out for the well-being of the kids in the community.

The key word here is, of course, community. That’s also what our Bluepoint Automation group had in mind when they decided to go with a charity workshop. By building bonds to the community, the neighborhood is that much stronger and better for everyone. Even if not all of Blueprint Automation’s employees live in Richmond, they do work there!

What Do Packaging Experts Know About Community?

A lot apparently! By choosing a charity team building event as a way of developing their employees’ skills, they’ve demonstrated they know a lot about building community. The charity rep they met that day, plus the good will they created by working to create donations for the kids at SCAN are exactly what strong communities are made of.