The Best Team Building Ideas Bring Out The Best In You

The best team building ideas provide opportunities to delve into the murky waters of relationship building that is based on your soft skills–communications, social, and people skills. These ideas are less focused on  what you know or how you do what you do. Instead, the best team building ideas tap into who you are and how you are. The goal: to help you become your most productive self so that you and the whole team can benefit.

How you are on the outside with other people–how you relate or retaliate; communicate or contend; comprehend or defend–all of these attributes are shaped by who you are on the inside. The best team building ideas increase your self awareness and identify areas in greatest need of improvement.

best team building ideas

In your lifelong quest to discover all those nuggets of wisdom and unearth the hidden treasures buried deep in your psyche, a DiSC personality profile can be a fresh starting point. This personal evaluation tool acts as a beacon that will illuminate aspects of your character you didn’t know you had.

Case in point: you’re friendly, loyal, a great listener, and people seem to feel comfortable confiding in you. But at work, you’re squirrelled away, buried in administrative duties with very limited client or customer contact. What a wasted human resource you are! Your DiSC profile can help you and your employer identify where in the company you are best suited. The right fit for your personality type may open a whole new career path!

A DiSC personality profile can bring into sharper focus gifts and quirks you knew were there, but couldn’t quite put your finger on. You may be relieved to discover that your inclination toward one area of administration over another may simply be a reflection of some character traits of which you were unaware. Now you can begin to nurture these traits and find a vehicle to more fully express them.

DiSC personality profiles can also break down gender-specific barriers and stereotypes. For example, as a female manager you may think, do, and say things that are considered inappropriate for a woman; but that are entirely acceptable for a man. Don’t stress! Relax! According to your DiSC personality profile, there’s nothing wrong with you! You’re just a Dominant, that’s all!

This simple insight into the real you can make you more self-accepting; and even more aware of how and why you are perceived by your coworkers. The best team building ideas will help you to enhance some of those new found strengths of character and maximize their effectiveness.