Berkely Agribusiness Helps Local Children in Des Moines, IA

As a result of the Magnovo Bike-a-Thon™ charity event, event participants learned the value of finding creative solutions to reach their own goals while contributing to others.

Sharing Dedication and Compassion in Des Moines, IA

Berkley AgribusinessBerkley Agribusiness’s charity team building event was part of a three-day annual meeting comprised of 75 associates of all levels. The event was the perfect opportunity for participants to get to know each other, but also a chance to show their appreciation for the community they serve.

Magnovo’s Bike-a-Thon was the perfect activity for this group. Their immense dedication to the challenge was evident from the very beginning, as it was a hot and humid day and the event took place outside. It would have been easy for people to have found excuses for not participating, but we didn’t lose a single person to the weather.

Notably, some wore high heels or suits but didn’t let their attire interfere with their participation. This type of dedication and compassion among groups is exactly what the Bike-a-Thon™ is about and there couldn’t have been a better group for the activity.

Berkeley Agribusiness Finishes Strong

The efforts of the Berkely Agribusiness teams were to benefit the Children and Family Urban Movement, an organization dedicated to helping children recognize their potential through educational success, community participation, and healthy choices. We spoke a little about the importance of this community icon and how helping local children is re-investment in the community.

This seemed to make the teams all the more eager to complete their Bike-a-Thon™ challenges, knowing their efforts that day would be going to a good cause.

But little did they know that they’d be giving away five of the twelve bikes before the event ended. The leaders from Children and Family Urban Movement brought children to the event to receive their new bicycles, giving them an opportunity to thank the teams in person for their contribution. They also brought a homemade Thank You banner with signatures from all twelve children who will be receiving bikes. This was a small yet powerful way to conclude the event, and it made a positive difference on how the group felt about their participation.

Bike-a-Thon™ a Success for All

The biggest takeaway from the event was how the efforts of some benefited many. The employees of Berkeley Agribusiness were excited about how much they learned about teamwork while working to help others outside of their company.