Behavior and Education, Inc. Takes Leadership to the Next Level with Team Fusion

Behavior And Education, Inc., provides top-quality applied behavior analysis intervention primarily to families with children diagnosed with autism. Executive Director Barbara Endlich has built a great leadership team of seven who oversee a large area in the Los Angeles region. These team members develop and run programs along with handling a large caseload of clients. Their work is good: gratifying and challenging at the same time.

Behavior and Education IncTeam Fusion™ for Leadership and Growth

But as the company prepares for growth, Barbara recognizes that her people are ready for expanded professional development as it relates to their leadership roles: a “team” mentality where collaboration is key and solutions are the goal. Magnovo’s Team Fusion™ workshop encourages this next level leadership in an fun and engaging afternoon.

A Customized Solution

The half day workshop at the Hyatt Hotel was peppered with activities that emphasized important points and kept energy high. We prepared a customized program that explored Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Ideal Team Player, both in discussion and in practice, through games. Despite the tendency of some team members to self-identify with internal group or another, this was a team where people seemed to genuinely like each other, and so the energy was naturally good. Their personal friendships, professional expertise, and passion for the kids they serve are critical elements for successful change.

Learning by Doing in El Segundo, CA

Magnovo’s goals for the event included developing a cohesive team mentality and strengthening collaborative skills. Learning and activities stressed effective communication skills. Participants explored the importance of speaking clearly and plainly, with respect at all times. The flip side of communication was also studied. Games helped people practice listening and asking thoughtful questions for information and clarity while avoiding interrupting other speakers. We discussed the stages of team development, how to work with varied personality styles, and situational leadership skills. We concluded with ways to model positivity and solutions-based communications, for each other, and for clients, too.

Team Fusion™ isn’t just a team building program but a method of installing a framework for learning and positive change. We don’t want to just help people for a day. Our goal is to provide them with the ability to commit to effective communication that improves the quality and quantity of their work. It’s exciting to see this team prepare for new challenges and opportunities in serving the autism community.