Basic Leadership Skills and Mini Golf: the Perfect Combination!

When a group from Metlife came to us wanting to develop employee feedback and leadership, we knew just the ticket for them.  The Puttin’ Pantry team building workshop delivers on all counts, including charitable giving.

The 65-member group assembled September 16 in Cary, North Carolina for a two-day event building teamwork skills.  They also requested help with in the area of innovation…another reason Puttin’ Pantry was perfect for them.

Basic Leadership Skills and Mini Golf: the Perfect Combination!

What does mini golf have to do with innovation and basic leadership skills?

In this charitable team building workshop, participants are tasked with creating a mini golf course from pantry food items.  That’s where the innovation comes in!

But they do more than just dream up plans.  They’ll need to choose a leader, organize construction, manage their limited resources, and execute their plans wisely if they’re going to succeed at Puttin’ Pantry.

You see, they’ll take the mini golf course from concept to delivery, so by the time the workshop ends, they’ll be competing against the other teams on the mini golf courses they created.

These Metlife leaders exercised their skills in creative, brand new ways.

The MetLife group consisted of leaders from different states.  As always but especially here, icebreakers were in order to get everyone working on the same page and feeling comfortable.

Icebreakers also serve to help ease the competitive edge that can sometimes creep in with groups of leaders.  In the case of this MetLife group, they were all from different parts of the country as well.  Icebreakers please!

No worries there, though!  Air Counting and Minefield served them well and soon everyone was ready to work hard for Dorcas Ministries and Timberlake Ministries.  Both organizations serve food pantries in the Cary, North Carolina area.

Leaders earn parts, put their creative hats on, and get busy.

Teams were asked to name and decorate their putting holes.  The facilitator provided them with creative material and they got down to business.  The truly entertaining part of the creative process was the names they came up with:

  • Fore
  • fEAD the world
  • Holy Moley
  • 1 Short
  • Par Approver
  • Just Puttin

The final act was playing all the golf putting holes, which of course was a blast.  Voting took place on the best hole, and the workshop was complete.  Two separate charity reps arrived to receive the donations of pantry items, which went to help feed the hungry in surrounding communities.