Assessing Team Performance with Team Building Activities

Assessing team performance is one way an organization can use a fun, relaxed atmosphere to identify the strength of employee relations. Team building activities are known as an enjoyable way to allow employees to interact and strengthen bonds. However, they can also work as a tool to assess how a team works together while providing insight for superiors if changes need to occur or adjustments need to take place.


Assessing Team Performance with Team Building ActivitiesIf your team has worked together for an extended period of time, there is most likely a level of trust and comfort between the team’s members. Although trust and comfort are foundational pillars of good team relations, there are other building blocks that impact the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Assessing team performance to evaluate the group as a whole and watch individual members in action could help uncover hidden characteristics of a team’s construction.

Assessing team performance doesn’t necessarily have to mean looking for negatives in the relationships. It could mean the difference between supervisors taking a closer look at an instinctive hunch they might have. For example, there may be employees who are showing more signs of leadership. In their current roles at work, they are viewed as a followers or not given proper credit for their contributions. Examining the team’s response to these employee’s input could mean it is time to give them more responsibility or larger roles in leadership.

In this case, reorganizing a team or promoting someone within a team are important considerations. Assessing team performance becomes a tool to help an organization continue reaching its goals and utilizing the strengths of its workforce. Organizing a team building activity for the purpose of gauging team performance can assist an organization by providing insight into how to strategically place employees for future projects.

What if you have a fairly new set of employees that need to work together frequently? Although you are confident you hired the right professionals, there are some questions and considerations at stake regarding formulating them into teams. Team building activities are one way to identify how newer employees work in group settings. Assessing team performance with enjoyable and entertaining team building activities will allow evaluation of team members to occur while they are relaxed, solving problems and interacting with others in timed exercises.

Most likely, the employees will have no idea they are being evaluated because their minds are engrossed in the activities. In this way, assessing team performance isn’t overt and could allow supervisors to see specific employee traits that were not identified during the hiring process. It could mean the difference between formulating a powerful team and completely missing an opportunity to frame a great team at project inception.

Magnovo Training Group can work with your organization to specifically design team building activities for the purpose of assessing team performance. Contact us to discuss your specific goals and ideas so we can help your organization utilize the strength of its workforce.