Arvest Mortgage Company in Fayetteville, AR Gets their Workshop Despite Some Missed Connections

When was the last time a company executive drove through the night to deliver a product to you?  Team building Fayetteville, Arkansas was in full swing when our very own Rob Jackson drove his car all night to get to a Rescue Buddies team building workshop for Arvest Mortgage Company.

Arvest Mortgage Company in Fayetteville, AR Gets their Workshop


Now that’s service!

Rob didn’t plan a red-eye arrival for the Arvest event, but he did what it took to make the workshop happen…and despite some very tough odds, it did!  The scheduled facilitator for this group had been traveling and missed a connecting flight.

When it was discovered there was no way the original facilitator could make the October 29 workshop in Fayetteville, Rob took action and jumped in his car.  He was there in time to hold a very successful Rescue Buddies event.

A minor league baseball stadium: perfect location for a team building workshop.

Another unusual fact about the Fayetteville event was the location.  Arvest Mortgage Company chose to have their workshop take place in the most fitting of settings: a baseball stadium.  Talk about lots of room to interact, have fun, and build those stuffed animals!

Arvest Ball Park in Springdale, Arkansas was built in 2008 and hosts not only team building workshops like this one, but also charitable events, fairs, and of course baseball games.  It’s the home of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals and we were proud to host a workshop in such a fine arena.

It also brought home that teamwork is a universal concept whose basic principles are applicable to the office, to sports, and to other things in life as well.  It certainly makes the list for all-time best spots to work on team building skills!

With all the right ingredients present, the Arvest Mortgage teams achieved what they came for.

So with the perfect inspiring location, a tired but still-effective Rob to lead their way, and a positive attitude, the Arvest Mortgage group honed their teamwork skills, built some stuffed animals, and made a very nice donation to charity.

In case you were wondering how the stuffed animals came into all of this, they actually fulfill a job in the community.  First responders use them to comfort children they encounter while on the job.  These children might have been in car accidents, home fires, or may have been witness to some violence.  Whatever the trigger for their stress and duress, first responders have found that handing a stuffed animal to a child in these circumstances does wonders to soothe the child.

Arvest helped out by supplying a fresh supply- and making some local friends too!  We often have a representative from the receiving organization arrive at the end of the workshop to accept the stuffed Rescue Buddies.

The group interacted very well and Rob received positive comments about the workshop.  Good job Arvest, and thanks Rob for driving all night to get there!