April is Administrative Professionals Month – How Will You Celebrate?

Ask anyone who’s ever worked in a busy office: it’s the administrative professionals who pretty much keep the place going.

Without them, all sorts of businesses would probably fall apart at the seams …they are the glue that holds everything together, preventing total and absolute chaos.

April is Administrative Professionals Month - How Will You Celebrate?

Magnovo celebrates all month long!

Here at Magnovo we’re lucky to have a wonderful team on board to help us run our business.  To show our appreciation, we’ll be celebrating National Administrative Professionals Month in several ways around here…all month long!

But we thought a good beginning would be to remind all our friends out there how valuable these team players really are, and to offer a few ideas for celebrating your own invaluable office admin team.

Our admin professionals make our offices work.

As if having your business run smoothly and efficiently weren’t enough to make you want to celebrate, there’s also the fact that they’re dependable, and usually have all the answers about every aspect of your organization…usually the answers to questions nobody else can answer!

Again, that’s why we call them the glue that holds everything together.

Turns out we’re not alone in thanking our lucky stars we have our admin team to hold us together…Administrative Professionals Day (and Week) have been celebrated by businesses all over the country since 1952!

Here are 4 fun ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day (or Week) (or Month)

Your celebration can last a day, a week, or a month.  Usually the third week in April is reserved for Admin Professional Week, with the Big Day falling somewhere in the middle of that week.

But you can start celebrating now- and here are some fun ideas to get the party started.

  1. Yes, it’s a traditional way to celebrate any occasion but guess what- it’s a kind gesture that speaks volumes no matter who’s on the receiving end.  It’s sweet and thoughtful, and has the added benefit of letting everyone in the office know he or she is a valued member of the team.
  2. Lunch with the boss.  This is a definite nod to value- when the busy CEO or founder takes time out to have lunch with the admin professional, it’s a clear sign that there’s lots of appreciation for the admin role.
  3. Here’s another way to signal importance: send your admin professional to a one-day conference that’s expressly for his or her profession.  It shows that you place enough value on his/her role that you’re willing to invest in their future.
  4. Team building.  Have a large admin staff?  Treat them to a charity workshop – they’ll appreciate time away from the office doing something good for the community.