Alcon Sales Reps Set Their Sights on Success

Alcon Sales Reps Set Their Sights on Success

A group of inside sales reps for a contact lens company saw clearly how they could improve their focus and interpersonal relationships through a charity team building program.

alconWe were thrilled to work with folks from Alcon, a contact lens company, in helping them reach their goals in the heart of Grapevine, Texas. They wanted to take some time and build the foundations of a strong team in anticipation of a big product launch coming up.

Eyes on the Prize

The company knew that for the launch to be a success, they needed all hands on deck, and everyone on the same page. Their inside sales reps are a high-energy and enthusiastic group, but they needed to work on harnessing some of that spirit and drive long enough to build stronger interpersonal relationships among themselves.

That’s where we came in. We developed a charity team building day crafted with Alcon’s goals in mind. The group’s activities that day would also directly benefit children in Alcon’s community.

Work Disguised as Fun

The cozy and intimate meeting space of the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center was the ideal workshop space. After a few ice breaker games, just about everyone had relaxed a little. The energy in the room was still high, only now there was a distinctive warmth and friendliness to it.

Then we turned to a few games like TV Commercials. The smaller groups gave people a chance to really work closely with a few of their colleagues. People had a great time as they exercised creative and collaborative skills.

Lots of folks were laughing as they practiced activities like role-playing and making presentations to each other about made-up products. It was easy to see that this group of 30 was starting to gel into a real singularly-minded team.

Shared Vision, Shared Goals

Playful competition ensued once we moved onto the Rescue Buddies™ part of our program. These soft teddy bears are stuffed by program participants for the benefit of the Grapevine Police Department. Police officers hand out Rescue Buddies™ teddy bears to kids in emergency situations; holding something soft may provide kids with some comfort.

It was an ideal way to reinforce focus and teamwork as participants strived to meet their shared goal of providing enough bears to meet the police department’s needs.

Teddy Bears Made by Alcon Reps Donated to Local Police Department

When Nancy Luna from the Grapevine Police Department came at the end of the program so that the team from Alcon could present the Rescue Buddies™ they made to her, there was barely a dry eye in the place.

Everyone could see just how much could be accomplished when they joined forces and worked together. No one could have asked for a better great send-off as they returned to the office to prep for their new product launch.

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