About You

We are looking for facilitators with a strong background in corporate training, team building, leadership, facilitation, experiential learning and the corporate environment.

Our clients are the F100 and you need to understand and speak their language. Some of our programs are fun and high energy, but most of our clients are looking for more than that. Experience with not only leading a debrief, but reading the group and knowing when it’s time to move on is essential.

Our facilitators are skilled at listening to the client’s desired outcomes and having the flexibility during the program to make midcourse adjustments to make sure those goals are met. It is not about your agenda and your material being delivered; we place importance on the client’s goals being met. Along with a training background, qualities that would be helpful include:


Professional You will be customer facing and need to represent Magnovo Training Group like a F100 to our F100 clients. This includes phone skills and the ability to use email spell checker.

Enthusiastic We are in a positive industry, bringing leadership development and team building workshops to corporate clients. Our core team is cheerful and energetic and we’d like you to represent that to our clients as well.

Self-Motivated You will know what needs to be done with each type of workshop with little direction (after an overview, of course)

Creative Problem Solver Since you will be working on your own for the most part, and during a workshop it’s not a question of if something will go sideways, it’s what, it is helpful if you can take initiative.

Can Do – Can’t Do Some people go through life with a “the problem with that idea is” attitude and others have a “I’ll figure out how to get that done” attitude. Both bring value to a team, but the latter is invaluable in this particular role.