AbbVie Chooses Wagon Builders™ for Giving Back in Chicago

AbbVie Chooses Wagon Builders™ for Giving Back in Chicago

AbbVie, health research giant based in North Chicago, has a lot going on these days.  For one, they’ve just acquired Stemcentrx, which means now they’re even bigger in the field of oncology research.  Cure for cancer, anyone?

AbbVieBut even with so much happening at AbbVie headquarters, they still make time for giving back to the community.  We were glad to help them once again with their super strong sense of corporate social responsibility!

  1. Wagon Builders™ is for giving back, right in your own community.

    When companies build red wagons in this charity workshop, they’re not just creating donations for local families or kids.  They’re also sending out messages of hope and support.  When members of the community care enough to put their teams to work in charity workshops like this one, it’s a message that someone cares.

    So when AbbVie chose the Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop, they were doing more than building wagon donations.  They were building a stronger community.  

  2. Quality assurance teams do the job right.

    We’ve had the honor of running team building workshops for AbbVie in the past, and we always love the groups that we get to work with.  Their energy is high, they have a great sense of teamwork, and they always put their “all” into everything they do.

    Guess that’s why AbbVie is such a successful company!  It always boils down to the people, you know.

    This particular AbbVie group was a collection of quality assurance employees, so we knew right away those little red wagons were going to be built just right!

  3. Doing good things for the community always motivates teams.

    No matter how many times we might conduct a Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop, it’s always so inspiring to see groups get motivated by doing good things.

    And since we’re all about building teamwork skills, we love to sneak in some skill challenges, just to shake things up a bit.  So before teams can begin building their wagons, they have to complete a few team-oriented challenges.

    Teams are always so motivated to get their hands on donation materials and start building, that they always pull through and rise to our challenges.  In the case of AbbVie group, it was a series of custom questions, written by our facilitator and given trivia-style, to the teams.  

  4. Ready for your charity workshop challenge?  

    If you’d like to help out your local community, build your team, and have a great time doing both, give us a call.  We can set you up with a Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop or any of our other selections that might suit your interests.  

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