3 Ideas for Year-End Team Building That Won’t Bore Your Employees

3 Ideas for Year-End Team Building That Won’t Bore Your Employees

Year-end team building events should do more than provide your employees a get-out-of-work-free pass. Take a look at our top three picks for stimulating year-end team building activities your organization and employees will appreciate:

Charity Team Building Activities

The end of the year is a prime opportunity to give back to those less fortunate, and your organization can benefit from your philanthropy. When you host a charity team building activity, you have the opportunity to serve others in your community. Whether you’re building bicycles for children or constructing a putt-putt course to benefit your local food bank, your entire team will be filled with the spirit of giving by the end of the event.

As an added bonus, your team builds valuable skills that will benefit your workplace long after the event is over. From strengthening communication to fostering trust, you’ll boost your internal community while contributing to your external one.

Scavenger Hunt Race

Collaboration is essential to workplace success, and a little friendly competition can help ignite your group’s passion for teamwork. Our hands-on scavenger hunt race involves every member of your team, providing real-life challenges that force them to rely on others to accomplish their goals.

This activity gets them out of their seat and into action as they race against the clock to conquer their goals. From visiting points of interest around town to solving clues that pushes them forward in the game, everyone’s a winner (even if they don’t finish in first place!). As a result, your group members will return to work with a renewed attitude and newfound appreciation for each other.

Team Synergy

If you’ve got a well-seasoned team, it can be challenging to find ways you can improve how you work together. But the best groups are the ones who know there’s always room for improvement and therefore never stop trying to strengthen their team.

Our Team Synergy™ workshop can take your highest performing players and turn them into a dream team. Our activities are designed to provide thought-provoking challenges that require creative problem-solving and ongoing communication that advance your team’s skills.

This high-energy workshop stimulates your team members and gets them supercharged for what’s to come in the new year. It gives them an opportunity to showcase their best talents while adding on to their skillset. As a result, your organization can help avoid holiday burnout and keep your employees not only focused on work activities but truly engaged and excited.

How Will You Build Your Team?

There are countless ways to engage your team at the end of the year while also providing your organization tangible results that last long after your event comes to a close. Contact us today to start organizing your team building event, and provide your employees and your company with the holiday gift that keeps on giving.

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