7 Non-Verbal Tips For Your Relational Sales Approach

Since relational sales is about building a long-lasting connection with a potential consumer, there are important non-verbal cues to consider.

If you are not reaching your sales quota, have you considered what non-verbal cues you can focus on to fine-tune your relational sales approach?

People don’t listen as much to what we say, as they observe what we do. With that in mind, when you arrive at a destination to deliver your pitch one more time, what do people see?

Does your relational sales approach consider your non-verbal behavior?

Here are 7 key tips to help you develop your relational sales approach

1. Display Self-Confidence

There’s a famous saying by Henry Ford: “whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right“.
If you believe you can do it, you can. This belief will exude through your pores as you approach each prospect.

2. Deliver Enthusiasm

If you believe in yourself and the product, let that excitement shine through while speaking and demonstrating. A customer can tell whether a salesperson really believes in what they’re pitching.

3. Eye Contact

People are more likely to trust you and believe you are telling the truth when you are making eye contact and maintaining it. If you have shifty eyes, you’re likely to be regarded as a shyster or untrustworthy and you can watch your sale fly right out the window.

4. Facial Expressions

Smiling puts people at ease – remember to smile! Customers are more likely to like you when you’re likeable!

5. Personal Appearance

Although it is important to be conscious of the dress code of the environment where you are presenting, you still want to look your best and dress the part of a successful sales person. This doesn’t mean you always need a suit, but make sure you match or exceed your client’s dress code, and ensure that your clothes are crisp and fresh. Take that extra minute to check up on your personal grooming.

6. Like Your Customer

Can your potential customers tell that you honestly like them? If you approach them with the right attitude, they will be able to tell.

7. Listen to them

7 Non-Verbal Tips For Your Relational Sales ApproachTalk is frequent, not just cheap. In order to address the needs of your clientele, remember to listen to them and address what they say, not what you think they said.

The results of using these tips during the relational sales approach include:

Trust – You will move from being someone who is selling a product to a trusted advisor about a specific problem in the customer’s life.

Relationship – A connection is establish based on this trust. This is what will prompt the customer to return because they a) know you; b) like you, and; c) believe you care about their needs.

Value – Customers will begin to trust the value you bring to their life, not just because of your products, but because of your quality customer service too.

The relational sales approach is just as important as the resulting sale. In fact, in order to make the sale, you must have the right approach. A workshop customized to address the relational sales approach for your organization can help clarify these points for your team.