7 Bad Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Leadership Conference…and 1 Great One

It’s winter, and companies from all corners of the land are convening in warm places for their annual leadership conference.

Sales teams gather in hotel conference rooms to re-energize their forces, and leaders pull managers in for some creative strategizing to keep their employees motivated for the coming year.

7 Bad Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Leadership Conference...and 1 Great One

In places like Vegas and Orlando, convention halls are jam packed with sun-seeking, goal-setting ranks of employees from the biggest companies down to mom & pop businesses trekking south for ideas, motivation, new product lines and a little time by the pool.

There’s always entertainment at a leadership conference…but is it productive?

No matter what the reason for your mid-winter conference, however, one thing remains the same.  There’s going to be lots of much-needed entertainment.  From the opening ceremony to side events that break up the intensity, the entertainment is an important part of the whole conference.

The entertainment is much needed because hours of sitting through workshops, networking, and training sessions can really take their toll on everyone’s brain.

Big bucks are spent on conference “side gigs”, which can range from live music to guest speakers to smaller group sessions where people meditate, practice yoga, or otherwise break free of the  normal routine of the conference.

A better way to break up the routine at conferences…

Why not make your conference dollars stretch farther and combine entertainment with activities that also benefit your business?  These would be team building workshops that are fun as well as productive for your group.

Better yet, when you choose a charity team building workshop, you also get to give back to the community.  These mini events make a wonderful break from conference events, while still holding the group together in a professional environment.  Works for everyone!

With all that in mind, here as promised are 7 bad ideas for entertainment at your next conference, just for fun.  I’ve already told you what the 1 good idea is, and that’s a charity team building workshop.

5 Bad Ideas for Leadership Conference Entertainment

  • Mind reader
  • Kiss cover band
  • The dreaded employee talent show
  • Musical mentalist
  • Zumba lessons for everyone!

Compared to these 5 bad ideas, a charity team building workshop is not only loads of fun but also gives you some return on your money.  When people gather to build bicycles for local kids, assemble care packages for overseas military, or prepare donations for a local food pantry, they’re building something together that goes beyond measure.  It’s called teamwork and the good feeling that they’re giving back.

So much better than enduring a Kiss cover band with co-workers at the annual leadership conference!