The 21st Century Oncology Team Builds Toys for Troubled Children in Fort Myers, FL

Magnovo’s Rob Jackson facilitated as a group of 40 staffers from 21st Century Oncology pulled off a flawless Rescue Buddies Workshop at the Pink Shell Hotel on the shores of Fort Myers Beach, FL. Nothing could have pleased him and his staff more as our client put their new teamwork skills to work for local children in need.

Great Things Happen When Preparation Meets Hard Work and Devotion

21st Century OncologyLike all of our clients, the team from 21st Century Oncology is a group of talented and hardworking people. They came into their Rescue Buddies Workshop ready to work hard, learn new teamwork skills, and give back to their community.

Fortunately, our facilitators matched this readiness with their own and the workshop got off to a great start with a variety of fun team building activities. After dividing the group into teams, we put them through the challenging paces of a few of our warm-up activities that allowed their natural talent and dedication shine through.

Needless to say, this combination worked even better as the workshop progressed. By the time the workshop was over, the group from 21st Century Oncology had a pile of adorable stuffed animals to donate to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and a bevy or new skills to carry back to the office.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Nearly Steals the Show

Clients come first at Magnovo, but the charitable causes they work for are no less important to us. It’s our job to ensure that both entities benefit from our workshops. While our primary goal is to address the client’s teamwork problem areas and help them become more productive, we can only accomplish this by pointing the team toward something bigger.

For this workshop, the charitable cause was the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, whose spokesperson delivered a tremendous speech that captured exactly why we work so hard to help companies give back to their communities. This spokesman talked at some length about the positive impact that the Rescue Buddies workshop would have on local children experiencing emotional hardship.

This beautiful speech was the icing on the cake for both 21st Oncology and our facilitators. It expressed, in very tangible terms, how much the toys they were donating would benefit local children when the Sheriff’s Office was forced to intervene on their behalf. It also assured us that the Rescue Buddies Workshop was something that no one involved would ever forget.