The ROI of Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is the beating heart of the Magnovo Training Group. It’s how we make a significant and positive change in communities around the country.

Our brand is solid and so is our reputation, and we are grateful for our success. But what’s more important to us is that we have grown into a caring and compassionate community.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve raised the bar in leadership skills training, professional and organizational development, and team bonding. But we’ve raised our sights to something higher: being a good corporate neighbor.  

The good we do

This year we’ve taken our training team from Hawaii to Florida, and numerous places in between. From coast to coast what we left behind is a living legacy of charitable giving:

  • 221 bikes–The fruit of our numerous Bike-a-thon Charitable Team Building Workshops. Dozens of children in low-income communities are now popping wheelies.
  • 50 care packets for hospital patients–Corporate team members poured out their hearts during our Hospital Helpers Charitable Workshop. They gave books, blankets, lip balm, and compassion to dozens of grateful patients.
  • 110 backpacks with school supplies for underprivileged kids programs–Our Mission: Kids Care Charitable Workshops will send a lot of kids around the country back to school in style this year.
  • 163 care packets for veterans & deployed military personnel–These patriotic heroes received snacks, encouraging cards, books, and other comforting items. Each was packed with love and support during our Mission: Military Care Charitable Workshops.
  • 75 baskets of non-perishable goods— During our Puttin Pantry Charitable Workshops putting golf players won food items to donate to area food pantries.
  • 431 stuffed animals for children–At our Rescue Buddies Charitable Workshops coworkers assembled stuffed bears, lions, pigs, birds, and fish for local tots. They were distributed by “first responders” to kids who need emotional rescue after a major upheaval in their lives.
  • 74 wagons–At our Wagon Builders Charitable Workshops teammates built wagons and loaded them with personal hygiene products or supplies for needy children.  
  • 143 wheelchairs–This year’s WheelCharity Workshops have transformed many lives. The gift of mobility meant freedom and emotional support for disabled veterans, senior citizens, and others who were housebound.

Each workshop reinforced our training in communications, leadership, and collaborative skills. Our client’s teambuilding goals were met–and often exceeded. And their employees were transformed personally and professionally because kindness is therapeutic.

The return on investment is huge

Charitable giving simply makes good business sense. It boosts brand recognition. It’s the cornerstone of goodwill in the community. And customer loyalty is stronger among companies that lead with their hearts.

Speaking of loyalty, employee turnover drops precipitously as well at socially conscious companies. In fact, it’s imperative for businesses that want to recruit and keep the best talent among Millennial applicants. These bright young minds are only willing to fully engage with companies that fully engage with the community.

Once upon a time, CEOs treated corporate social responsibility like an “extra” or non-essential part of their business models. That was then. This is now. And now charitable giving, community service, and sustainability goals are essentials.

That is to say, they are vibrant components of vibrant companies. In 2017, corporations donated over 17 billion dollars. Among the 250 largest companies in the world, 93 percent now issue reports on their corporate giving.

This is the age of instant digital fame or infamy. Everybody is one “tweet” or “like” away from celebration or condemnation. Charitable giving casts companies in a positive light within the social media spotlight.

Charity is a magnet that draws nothing but the best into your corporate sphere. This law of attraction is true for ROI. You know your return on investment is strong when everyone wants to get on your bandwagon–investors, community leaders, other thought leaders in your industry.