Siteone Landscape Supply Helps Local Veterans Through Mission: Military Care Workshop

Siteone Landscape Supply Doesn’t Let the Weather Stop Them

There was quite a cold snap in Connecticut as the Siteone Landscape Supply sales and leadership team met for a week-long program at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. But the 500 participants in the Mission: Military Care™ workshop didn’t let that slow them down! The event ended with enough backpacks full of supplies that they were able to completely fill a pickup truck bed with more than 200 bags. This team burned with energy and enthusiasm for three solid hours!

Siteone Landscape Mission: Military Care™ Comes to Mashantucket, CT

This particular charity team building workshop is always a hit because of people’s strong support for America’s veterans. Attendees are always glad to give back to these men and women who have given so much to keep our country safe. And the Siteone Landscape Supply group was no different. The 400 sales and leadership team members joined about 100 suppliers, so it was a nice mix of people with shared professional interests and a variety of perspectives and strengths.

Attendees divided into teams. They played games and overcame obstacles to earn items for their backpacks. It was a really competitive group! Folks had to flex communication skills, problem solve, and practice effective negotiating to “win”. These folks had already spent three days together, so they were pretty comfortable with each other, and feeling energized as a group. Our most popular activities were Say What I Say and Air Counting. While most groups earned their backpack items in Wordles and Group Writing, which are always crowd-pleasers.

Because all of the teams were so efficient in collecting items and packing their bags, everyone had time to write personal notes of thanks and well wishes. These were added to each backpack. People really appreciate the opportunity to tell veterans how they feel. We’ve heard from veterans groups how happy their members are to get these notes.

Helping the Norwich Veterans Center

We invited Mark Johnson of the Norwich Veterans Center to attend our Mission: Military Care™ workshop. The Siteone Landscape Supply teams nominated a few representatives of the group to present Mr. Johnson with the backpacks they prepared. Thunderous rounds of applause erupted when the final count of 200 backpacks was announced. Mr. Johnson was nearly overwhelmed. It was one of the largest donations of this kind the group had received. He was deeply affected and shared a few moving stories of veterans served by the center. Mr. Johnson got a standing ovation, and it was a really rewarding way for the group to wrap up the workshop.