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Lunatic Salons Aims High for Teamwork Despite Insanely Hot Weather

With the lake’s cooling effect, summers in Salt Lake City aren’t known for being too harsh. However, as Lunatic Salons found out, they can sometimes be pretty brutal! A recent team building workshop with their group went swimmingly well in a local park, despite the near-100 degree heat.

It just goes to show: with the right attitude, a motivated group, and a healthy focus on fun team building, even blistering heat is no obstacle!

Lunatic Salons: Flexibility Was the Key to Success

The event went well, partly because the team leader of the Lunatic Salons group was easy to work with and flexible. The event was held in a park on an almost 100 degree day, and there were some major distractions in that park as well. With a lot of homeless people around, there were certainly a multitude of ways for participants to get off track.

Lunatic Salons

What’s more, the lunch truck was way behind on getting food made. That meant our starting time got pushed back. This made it challenging but the group leader’s flexibility made it all work out in the end.

Through dedication to the cause of team building and a great attitude, the group worked hard together to achieve their goals this day.

Ready to Interact, Learn, and Play

The group from Lunatic Salons was engaged and ready to interact. You know what that means… teamwork is in the bag!

That also meant their teamwork goals were achieved. And what were those goals, specifically? For starters, they were interested in focusing on company culture- strengthening that special cohesiveness that’s part of all great companies.

Secondly, their stated goals included having everyone come out of the training inspired and team-focused. That’s our specialty, so yes… they checked that one off the list as well!

Back at the Salon, Loving Their Teams!

One of questions we love to ask our workshop clients is how they judge success after a workshop. The Lunatic Salon group had a wonderful answer! We thought we’d share it with you:

“…when everyone comes back to the salon loving their team, our culture…”

We couldn’t have said it any better! Building morale, strengthening teams, powering confidence, and improving skills… all in a day’s work with our workshops. We have our incredible Magnovo facilitators to thank for that, plus the high-energy, hard-working teams that we have the fortune to work with every time we book a great new client like Lunatic Salons.