Grainger Gives Back With Wheelcharity

Grainger Gives Back With Wheelcharity

This small group of Grainger district sales managers comes together periodically for business training, meetings, and other events. This time, however, they decided to really round out their time together and squeeze in a charity team building workshop with Magnovo.

We managed to work in a few team building exercises, along with the “giving back” portion of the workshop, which meant they were assembling wheelchairs for people in the local community.

Grainger Chooses Wheelcharity™

One way to make community connections and create avenues for positive change in the neighborhood is to find out what needs there are in your local area. Grainger is located in Newport, Rhode Island. Their chosen charity was an elder are facility, where the need for wheelchairs is an ever-present concern.


By banding together for a common cause they all believed in, the Grainger group was able to focus on the fun, short-term goals of the workshop and achieve lots of important initiatives.

First, they worked on teamwork skills – always a plus! Second, they were able to collaborate on building wheelchairs for those who needed them the most.

The Receiving Organization’s Charity Presentation & Pictures

Mary Beth and Colleen from St Clare-Newport both attended the event. They were there on time, they presented well, and they stayed to connect with the group after.

Their need for the wheelchairs connected with the group well. St. Clare-Newport is a not-for-profit facility offering high quality care to elders in Newport, Rhode Island. They have an almost constant need for wheelchairs, so partnering with them made sense in so many ways.

Location: The Viking Hotel

The Viking Hotel in Newport is lovely for any occasion, but for our charity build workshop, it really made the day special!

Also, our contact at The Viking Hotel was very helpful. You see, when we hold our charity workshops off site, it’s always helpful when hotel staff are so accommodating. Very often we need help moving furniture out of the way (our workshops are highly interactive, so chairs paired with tables just get in the way).

Sometimes we need help locating our donation materials, or in the case of the Viking Hotel staff, they helped us remove wheelchairs from the boxes before everyone arrived. They definitely went beyond what was expected of them, and we were grateful!

Thanks to The Viking Hotel, St. Clare’s Newport, and of course to Grainger, for a day where everyone made a difference in the community.

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