Ongoing General IT and Desktop Support for Small Business

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a regular full time job your availability during business hours is probably not going to be in line with our needs.

We are a small business with employees across the country, which presents its own set of challenges. We already have websites and systems in place, we need help with ongoing maintenance as things come up.  There are no major projects or overhauls, it’s mainly fixing/updating/refreshing as needed.

This is not a full time position, it’s a remote contract position with estimated 5-10 hours per week.  The ideal candidate will have the technical skill we need along with the patience to understand we are trainers, salespeople, marketing, logistics, and we don’t have your level of technical expertise – it’s why we need you! We expect that you will have other work and other things going on in your life, but please don’t submit a resume if you can’t be responsive to our daily/weekly needs.  Sometimes these things are critical when you’re a small business.

  • upload articles submitted by our writers to our blog using the systems we have in place
  • create email accounts for new hires (O365 and IMAP)
  • delete email accounts for terminated employees
  • tech support for hardware problems as needed
  • tech support for email, changing passwords, etc
  • tech support for facilitators and back office
  • manage user log in and password spreadsheet
  • tech support for O365/master calendar
  • site uptime/downtime.  Site triage if an outage occurs. You don’t necessarily need to know how to fix the issue, but must be able to escalate the issue to our hosting provider and manage the resolution process.

Required skills:

Must be able to work in a high trust/low drama environment – self disciplined, self motivated
Fundamental PC troubleshooting skills
Good with end users who are not the most PC savvy
Ability to follow documented procedures
Office 365 experience.  If you do not already have Office 365 experience, Microsoft has plenty of training videos to catch you up to speed.  This includes basic user management, resetting passwords, managing email distribution lists, and basic file management in Sharepoint Online.

Nice to have skills:

WordPress administration.
PHP experience
IMAP/SMTP experience

Along with your resume please include your area/s of expertise.  Starting pay $15 per hour.