Ficosa Financiers Find Trust and Confidence through DiSC®

Recently, a group of Ficosa accountants and financial officers met with us for some DiSC® training. The goal? Trust building and confidence boosting through better communication. The result? Success!

Ficosa makes car parts and electronic communication systems for cars. They’re a global brand but they’re based in Troy, Michigan. That’s where we met up with them, at the Embassy Suites, for a round of DiSC® training.

At First, Language Barriers

We received very good comments after the program from the participants, but the way the training started off it sure didn’t look like it would turn out that way!

Ficosa Financiers

There was clearly a language barrier among participants, who were from the U.S., Mexico, and Spain. If we could have conducted the training in Spanish it might have started off on a faster roll.

However, we’re no stranger to knowing how to warm up a crowd. Our proven ice breakers are part of how we do that. We also do everything in our power to stress that all our workshops are a no-stress environment with no judgement, no pressure, and no silly tactics to force everyone into playing games.

We simply work with a group, bringing them along at their own pace using constant feedback as to how the group is feeling about each activity. That ability comes from years of experience holding workshops and training events where the emphasis is on tangible results.

Finance Officers & Accountants Get Into the Swing of Things

The group members were all financial officers or accountants from Ficosa. At first, as mentioned above, participation was subdued.

After ice breakers, we presented a lot of material on building trust, building confidence, and teamwork. Of course the way we do things at Magnovo: it’s all interactive, engaging, and aimed at 100% participation on your terms so your group feels comfortable. And they did!

Ficosa Financiers: How We Accomplished All That

We actually had each person tell a childhood story as a way of introducing themselves. After loosening up, the group then dug into the DiSC® material. Then it was on to some interactive modules where we put the DiSC® principles to work.

We have to say, these financial professionals really stepped outside their comfort zones and tried some new ideas this day! That’s partly what we’re aiming for with DiSC® training– it opens up new ways of seeing colleagues and communicating with them, and understanding the power of influence in your daily interactions. Good stuff!