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Leadership Team Building and Holiday Generosity

The most dynamic leadership team building strategies create a platform upon which members of the team can demonstrate their personal strengths and flex their professional muscles as well. A charitable team building workshop is the ideal setting in which to accomplish both.

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Lockheed Martin Goes Big for their Bike-A-Thon Workshop in Orlando, FL

This was a Bike-A-Thon Charity Workshop we staged for a large team of Lockheed Martin executives in Orlando, FL. Held in the beauty and luxury of the Ritz Carlton Grand Lakes Hotel, it was a fun-filled yet very productive experience, with ample benefits for everyone involved in it. For the experienced executives from Lockheed Martin, there was an opportunity to hone their communication and other important nuanced teamwork skills, as well as a chance to grow closer together by working for something bigger than themselves. By donating 34 gorgeous new bicycles to the Heart of Florida United Way, the Lockheed Martin team was able to make a real difference in the community even as they learned teamwork skills that would not be forgotten when they got back to work.

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Blueprint Automation Builds Far More Than Team Skills During Charity Workshop

Blueprint Automation is about to celebrate its 30th year in business in the US, but they know giving back is something to celebrate any day of the year. That’s why when they came to us for some team building advice, we suggested a charity team building workshop.

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A Big Group’s Bike-A-Thon Makes a Big Impact on Area Kids

It’s not often that we get to work with such a large group for a Bike-A-Thon™, but the 250 attendees of the AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter’s 2-day retreat teamed up so well together, we’ve never seen anything like it. Nor had the Medford, OR, children’s charity that accepted the donation of more than 30 bicycles!

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The 21st Century Oncology Team Builds Toys for Troubled Children in Fort Myers, FL

Magnovo’s Rob Jackson facilitated as a group of 40 staffers from 21st Century Oncology pulled off a flawless Rescue Buddies Workshop at the Pink Shell Hotel on the shores of Fort Myers Beach, FL. Nothing could have pleased him and his staff more as our client put their new teamwork skills to work for local children in need.

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The New Team from Kaiser Permanente Pulls off a Great Bike-a-Thon in Oakland, CA

This was a Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshop for a group of 15 new staffers from Kaiser Permanente. We’d worked with similar groups in previous years with great success and this year’s batch was no different. Here’s a summary of how things played out.

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The Kellogg Company Boosts Skills Through DiSC

Assessing the Needs of the Department

A team of managers in the Nutrition Department at The Kellogg Company wanted to strengthen their presentation skills while regrouping in light of recent organizational change. Magnovo’s DiSC® workshop provided the tools for better communication among internal and external contacts. One of the managers’ main goals is to improve their own presentation skills in order to better connect with all audience members when speaking before a group, such as members of Congress.

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A Corporate Team at Humana Finds its Team Synergy


When Far Away Means Out of Synch

One of Humana‘s corporate teams was performing well but lacked unity. It can be difficult for a team to find its way in collaborative work when team members are spread across the country, working in separate offices. The traditional things that bind them together, like face-to-face meetings and even coffee breaks, are lacking. While objectives may still be met, it’s likely that the process can be more efficient and productive. And that’s what the corporate team from Humana found through Magnovo’s Team Synergy™ workshop.

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