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L.A. Clippers Join Blue Star Families in Bike-A-Thon to Help Their Own

Blue Star Families and the Los Angeles Clippers partnered with Magnovo to give 20 bikes to military families in the Los Angeles area

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MetLIfe’s Teamwork Skills in WheelCharity Deliver New Wheelchairs to Mystic Area Veterans’ Group

A hardworking team from MetLife caps a morning of training with an afternoon of service through WheelCharity™.

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6 Reasons Your New Company Should Participate in Team Building

Most new companies don’t think they can benefit from team building activities just yet. In fact, they probably don’t even consider it as an option. New companies are too busy developing their products, hiring their staff, and establishing a market strategy to consider something ‘next-level’ like guided team building. In other words, they’re too busy building a team to bother with organized team building.

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W. L. Gore & Associates Makes Mobility Possible for Locals in Need with WheelCharity

Two of W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.’s highly competitive sales teams pushed each other to succeed in this charity team building workshop hosted by a global manufacturing company.

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StatLab Sales Team Walks the Talk with Rescue Buddies in Plano, TX

StatLab, a medical products company, wanted a charity team building workshop with a strong connection to their company mission and goals. We customized a Rescue Buddies™ workshop to benefit Plano Fire-Rescue, and an unforgettable afternoon was had by all.

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3 Ways to Make DiSC Personality Assessments Work For You

Positive interactions are everything in the contemporary workplace. Your most important resources are human ones, and they must work productively with one another for your company to thrive. This is a perennial truth, but now the relationships that exist in your workplace are more important than ever.

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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Preps Care Packages for Local Blue Star Moms in Scottsdale, AZ

Mountain Shadows Resort in Scottsdale – set at the base of Camelback Mountain – was the setting of a small but powerful meeting of employees from W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

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Four Tips For Productive Departmental Meetings

For many people, the weekly departmental or project status meeting is nothing more than a necessary evil. For others, however, they’re a horrible test of endurance and a complete waste of time. In other words, almost no one likes to attend team meetings. But as managers, you understand what your staff might not– that these meetings are important, inevitable, and have to be productive.

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4 Key Elements of Workplace Culture

Company or workplace culture isn’t a brand new term, but it is one that didn’t come into vogue until the last several years. Certainly, it’s not a concept that our parent and grandparents gave a lot of thought to, but an understanding of it is definitely required today.

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Salesforce’s Chicago Bike-A-Thon Changes Lives for Local Kids

Salesforce’s recent Bike-A-Thon™ at their company offices in Chicago, IL was a one-of-a-kind event for all involved.

Salesforce Hosts a Charity Team Building Workshop

We joined Salesforce at its company offices for a Bike-A-Thon™ to benefit the kids at the local Union League Boys and Girls Club. The company had done the same workshop for this charity once before with us, and everyone was very excited to do it again. It might have been a cold day in Chicago but the warmth and friendliness of this group was no match for the weather.

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