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Amazon’s Bike-A-Thon Rolls Out 8 New Bikes for Local Snoqualmie, WA Kids

IT teams are often known for behind-the-scenes work but in this case, they showcased outstanding interpersonal skills to produce twice the usual number of bikes for local kids in need through a charity team building Bike-A-Thon™.

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Fun Team Building Outings Can Make Outrageous Adventures

No doubt the best thing about fun team building outings is the “outings” part. Out of the office…out in the fresh air….out of the pressure cooker that is Corporate America.

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Osborne Events Helps Local D.C. Schoolkids Through A Magnovo Bike-A-Thon

It was a mild January day when we met the team from Osborne Events and their guests at Stone Tower Winery, a beautiful winery nestled off the road in the rolling hills of Leesburg, VA. The event was held in their tasting room, which was wonderfully cozy. It really helped foster a feeling of togetherness and teamwork!

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UHY LLP’s Interns Hold a Bike-A-Thon to Help Farmington Hills, MI Kids

It’s not often that we get to facilitate a program with only college students in attendance, but when UHY LLP asked us to come to Farmington Hills, MI, for a Bike-A-Thon™ charity team building workshop for their accounting interns, we couldn’t wait!

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Making Workshops Worthwhile Through DiSC Adaptive Testing

Adaptive testing assessments provide organizations and test takers with reliable results that can be trusted. It’s important to use assessments that have been analyzed to ensure they are sound, both in foundation and process. Several studies have been done on Everything DiSC® and related assessments. These studies show that Everything DiSC® and related adaptive testing assessments are scientifically solid. They provide easily understandable, practical, and useful results.

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In Tempe, Gore and Associates’ Military: Mission Cares Serves American Troops

Sometimes, a company already has a great team that works well together, and it’s a thing of beauty to watch them go. That was the case when Gore and Associates held a marketing team meeting in warm and sunny Tempe, AZ.

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The Kellogg Company Uses Their DiSC Personality Workshop as a Tool For Mutual Understanding

This was a DiSC Personality Discovery Workshop we staged for the Kellogg Company in Kalamazoo, MI. We held the workshop at the Food Dance Restaurant, which proved to be a great setting for the team to reach the next level of self-knowledge and cooperation. We were very pleased with the end results, the most important of which was the development of improved interpersonal relationships.

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AccentCare Teams Help Local San Antonio Charity Get Wheelchairs to Vets

There’s no better way to build communication skills than to be one of a group of 6 people trying to assemble a wheelchair! AccentCare hosted a day-long event for its staff that concluded with Magnovo’s WheelCharity™. The company hoped to help employees, who are health care workers that typically work remotely, bond. They also hoped employees would learn to improve information and resource sharing.

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Siteone Landscape Supply Helps Local Veterans Through Mission: Military Care Workshop

Siteone Landscape Supply Doesn’t Let the Weather Stop Them

There was quite a cold snap in Connecticut as the Siteone Landscape Supply sales and leadership team met for a week-long program at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. But the 500 participants in the Mission: Military Care™ workshop didn’t let that slow them down! The event ended with enough backpacks full of supplies that they were able to completely fill a pickup truck bed with more than 200 bags. This team burned with energy and enthusiasm for three solid hours!

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Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions Holds Bike-A-Thon in Scottsdale, AZ to Help Family Promise

Stryker’s Sustainability Services’ sales team met for three days of meetings. They spent a lot of time going over 2017 accomplishments and setting goals for 2018. As a fun and meaningful way to close out the event, they held a Bike-A-Thon™.

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