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Charity Team Building Events: A Back-to-School Gift for You and Your Community

Though temperatures are high and the days are long, retail stores are already stocking the shelves with all the makings of a brand new school year. To some, it feels like summer just began. But children across the country will soon be heading back to school.

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5 Back-to-school Principles for Building Better Teams

As summer holidays draw to a close, children begin preparing for a new school year. For many, it brings new things to learn, a new teacher, new classmates, and new opportunities. But for others, these changes create stress and anxiety that could limit their chance to do well.

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Essex Property Trust Accountants Stop Crunching Numbers to Build Bikes For Children in Burlingame, CA

It was a gorgeous spring day in San Francisco when 106 accountants converged on the Hyatt Regency Airport Hotel for team building activities that truly had a purpose. This huge group proved eager to work hard, communicate, and learn as they participated in the Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshop we custom designed for the Essex Property Trust team. Smiles and enthusiasm abounded all day long as the numbers people got out of their heads and into their hearts to donate 16 bikes to the San Francisco Fire Fighters Toy Program. And the presence of two firefighters to accept the donation was just icing on the cake.

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The T-Mobile Team Makes Rescue Buddies for Charity in Tampa, FL

When an outdoor event they had planned got scuttled by bad weather, the folks at T-Mobile contacted Magnovo because they knew we get arrange a fantastic team building event for them on short notice. And not only did we design a workshop that fit their specific needs, we also brought it directly to them!

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Tennessee Valley Authority Engineers Build Teams and Wheelchairs for American Vets

Engineers are typically known for being good at putting things together. So we were only too happy to help some Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) engineers build teamwork skills. Our WheelCharity™ program was the perfect opportunity. The group had never participated in a workshop like ours before. We were glad to give them an event to remember.

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Missed Opportunities: Charity Team Building Follow up

So you planned an hosted a charity team building event for your people. Unless something very strange happened, you likely left there feeling really good about what happened. Your workshop facilitator likely was energetic, fun and allowed your group to enjoy some engaging activities and friendly competition. And then, giving back is always a good thing and makes people happy to have helped.

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Should I surprise my people with at team building event?

Often times when working with the lead for one of our charity team building workshops, we find that there is a desire to surprise the participants. The thought is that it will serve as a fun ‘reveal’ when team members come into a room to find they will be putting together bikes or care packages, wagons with toys or wheelchairs. For many wondering what this secret happening that is next on the agenda, it is a happy thing to see there isn’t just another information workshop. The realization that the next couple of hours will be about giving back is refreshing. However, this must be well thought out. As a charity team building veteran, I’ve seen some pitfalls that can cause the surprise to backfire. I offer here a few nuggets of experience to consider as you prepare to for your company’s next corporate team building event. I hope this helps to make your workshop an even better.

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AbbVie Chooses Wagon Builders™ for Giving Back in Chicago

AbbVie, health research giant based in North Chicago, has a lot going on these days.  For one, they’ve just acquired Stemcentrx, which means now they’re even bigger in the field of oncology research.  Cure for cancer, anyone?

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BioMarin Builds Resilience & Teamwork While Giving Back to Our Military

We always ask what goals our clients have for the workshops they choose. BioMarin had some unique goals: resilience, teamwork, and to leave feeling like they did something good.

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